Episode #251 with Tom Amenta.

By Posted in - Book Review & Foreign Policy & Guests & Military History & Patriotism & The Schedule & The Show & Veteran Issues on May 27th, 2021

Tonight we are joined by another great old friend of Stew and Nunn, Tom Amenta. Tom was born in Chicago, IL, and served for five years as a member of the 75th Ranger Regiment, including two combat tours in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

After college Tom founded and spent the next eight years as the COO of the veteran lifestyle apparel company Ranger Up. He helped pioneer the veteran lifestyle apparel category and grow Ranger Up into the premier company in the space. At Ranger Up, he passionately advocated for veterans’ causes in many spaces, including lobbying Senate service committees.  Later, he helped produce and starred in the only fully veteran-produced Hollywood movie, Range 15. He is a passionate advocate for veteran entrepreneurship and assisting veterans in transition, which led him to author his first book, The Twenty-Year War. Tom is now the Chief Development Officer of United Valor.

The Twenty-Year War photo book is an eye-opening insight into the lives of 71 incredible veterans of the Global War on Terror. It has been described as Breathtaking, Personal, and Raw.

Diving into the experience of American service members fighting in a conflict that has spanned two decades. The Twenty-Year War explores the challenge of veterans reintegrating into a society where less than 1% of the American populace has served in the conflict, and where their life has taken them post separation, The Twenty-Year War is an unflinching look at what it means to serve both in uniform and out of it. The portraits are explosive, telling, and a gritty look at the authentic life of an American servicemember. 

The veterans featured in The Twenty-Year War open up about their call to service, the sobering reality of combat, their transition post-military, and what it’s like to find your mission again in a new environment. 
Including stories of fathers and sons, sisters, brothers, and husbands and wives who served together, this book shares stories not often told. The Twenty-Year War is a triumph of the American veteran spirit and determination.

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