Episode #254 with Joe Collins.

By Posted in - Domestic Policy & Guests & Politics & The Show on June 17th, 2021

Tonight we welcome back at a special time, 9:30PM EST, Mr. Joe Collins who was first a guest on the show in Episode #177 back on Oct 3rd, 2019. stewandthenunn.com/2019/10/stew-and-the-nunn-episode-177-with-joe-collins/

We are glad to have Joe back on to talk about what he learned from his campaign against ‘Mad’ Maxine Waters in the California 43rd district. We are eager to hear what he has been up to since then, what his future political plans are and what it has been like living in California throughout this last COVID year. Please be sure to tune in tonight at 930PM EST to your normal means of listening or watching the show to catch up with Joe and get his perspective on a number of things.

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