Episode #247 with Jason Beardsley.

By Posted in - Foreign Policy & Guests & Patriotism & Politics & Selfless Service & The Schedule & Veteran Issues on April 15th, 2021

Retired Green Beret Master Sergeant Jason Beardsley joins us tonight on Stew and The Nunn, with Nunn having a guest host stepping in for him tonight, our good friend and founder of Gear4Grunts, Doug Mullen. Jason has served as Special Assistant in the Office of the Secretary of Defense and as Senior Advisor to the Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs and Veterans Service Organizations Liaison. Prior to his work in the administration Mr. Beardsley was the founder and CEO of The Underground Movement and spoke frequently on defense and Veterans’ issues including TV appearances on Fox, CNN and other television and radio programs, and speaking at national level events.

He has a 22-year career with the US military, including 15 years with Army Special Operations and Joint Special Operations. He is a recipient of two Bronze Stars for his achievements and sound use of judgment during sustained combat operations. Mr. Beardsley was part of a select group of special operators trusted to accomplish some of the most dangerous and covert tactical missions in support of US military action and the Global War on Terrorism, and played a leadership role in many of these operations after being recognized for his creativity, individuality and determination.

Mr. Beardsley is a qualified expert in military intelligence, diplomatic security, foreign internal defense, unconventional warfare and counterterrorism, and has expertise with high threat security travel and protection.

During operations in Iraq, for example, he directed the mobilization of ground and air forces for the purpose of conducting a kill/capture operation on a high value target. In this role, he was the lead military asset on the ground who was tasked with providing real-time intelligence for the operation.

In the Horn of Africa, he led US and foreign intelligence, military, legal and financial agencies in special operations missions in remote, hostile environments to achieve US strategic initiatives.

Mr. Beardsley successfully assessed and was selected to serve in a Special Missions Unit and was a Fieldcraft Training Course certified Human Intelligence case officer. He has worked in Europe, Asia and the South Pacific. He received Diplomatic Security Service (DSS) certification from the US Department of State, and conducted diplomatic close protective detail in high threat areas such as Israel and the Gaza Strip. He speaks Arabic, and effectively bridged both cultural and language barriers with diverse groups in the Arab world to train, advise and work alongside foreign military, police forces and other host nation groups.

From 2012 to 2018, Mr. Beardsley ran The Underground Movement, which sold patriotic and pro-America clothing. He handled all aspects of the business, including graphic design, sales, personnel and advertising, and grew the company from a two-man shop to a company with more than 50 people with 12 retail locations.