Episode #246 with Freddy Osuna.

By Posted in - Domestic Policy & Guests & Patriotism & The Schedule & The Show on April 8th, 2021

Tonight we welcome the Founder of Greenside Training and overall bad-ass, Mr. Freddy Osuna. Freddy is a Tactical/Combat Tracking Subject Matter Expert, who is a trusted authority on the subject of visual tracking and is the published author of “Index Tracking-Essential Guide to Trailing Man and Beast,” 2012. He is also a contributing writer to Breach Bang Clear, Recoil Magazine and various other military and law enforcement related publications.

His knowledge is based on a foundation of real-world deployments and formal Combat Tracking instructor experience with U.S. and allied militaries, federal, state, and municipal law enforcement entities. Freddy’s innovative approach to teaching visual tracking and sensory awareness is turning heads amongst the nation’s top hard skills trainers. Freddy harnesses his Native American and Marine Corps culture to deliver holistic, powerful, and scientific based lessons steeped in North American tracker lineage. Freddy has most recently performed as a forensic impressions expert/instructor for the U.S. Army Weapons Intelligence Course Ft. Huachuca, AZ, as the 2nd MARDIV School of Infantry East/Combat Hunter Course, Combat Tracking SME 2013-2014 lead instructor for the U.S. Army Combat Tracker Course at Ft. Huachuca, AZ 2008-2010.

His school, Greenside Training founded in 2011 provides visual tracking and sensory awareness development training for small units and individuals alike. His unique course offerings include Green Laser Index Night Tracking (GLINT), Index Tracking, Grayside Hunter, and the Battlefield Tactical Acuity Course (BTAC). Fusing ancient Native American field craft with 21st century technology; Greenside Freddy Osuna is making tracks into the future while preserving the old.

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