Stew and The Nunn in partnership with Unapologetically American (UA) give you POOP!.

By Posted in - Politics & POOP on November 15th, 2015

That is right, we are teaming up with UA to POOP on you. As the political scene heats up and gets more active, we have decided that rather than listen to pollsters and the pretty talking heads on the flat screen, we are going to offer you an alternative source of Political Observations, Opinions, and Personalities. This is what we call POOP!

Stew, Nunn, and Greg Drobny will be your regular hosts of these quick 30 minute shows. The frequency of the show will depend on what is happening in the political landscape of the country, but we assume these will become more frequent as we get closer to the next presidential election. There is a good chance we will also feature special guests on different episodes, so stay tuned to and of course LIKE and FOLLOW our Facebook page at for updates. You will be able to listen to the shows at or call in to the guest line and listen by dialing 516-387-1272.

Of course you should also check out as they will have updates in addition to all the cool T-shirt designs and other UA themed articles they write.

The Inaugural episode of this new series on Stew and The Nunn radio will be Sunday November 15, 2015 at 4:00PM EST as we spend 30 minutes re-capping the 2nd Democratic debate happening Saturday Night, November 14th. You will be able to listen to this episode at

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Greg Drobny, aka RU Twisted is the Editor-in-Chief of Unapologetically American. A former Airborne Infantryman, PSYOP Team Chief, political tool, welder, bartender, and failed musician (to name a few), Greg enjoys fighting leprechauns, eating Frosted Flakes off the back of his pet woolly mammoth, and pontificating about the possibility of blending the fields of quantum physics and home economics. Follow him on Twitter: @RU_Twisted