Less is More.

By Posted in - The Show on November 12th, 2015


After hosting the show for a couple of months and tracking listener stats, guest availability, etc. we have decided to make some small changes to the Stew and The Nunn weekly radio show.

Starting with next week’s show on Nov 17th, 2015 we will plan every show to be just one hour in length. Now there may be very special circumstances where we will extend it another 30 minutes or even make it a full two hours (like we did for the Veteran’s Day Special Show), but for most of the shows you should plan on just one hour long.

Also, we are planning to feature just one guest per episode. Rather than trying to cram in two guests, we will give just one guest the sole appearance on the show.

We are hoping by only having it one hour in length and a focused show on just one guest, it will allow more listeners to listen to the weekly show live.

Stew and The Nunn really hope you like listening to the show as much as we like making it.