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Stew and The Nunn engage each other, guests and listeners into one common venue in order to discuss not only some of the hottest topics today dealing with our National Security, Domestic and Foreign Policy, and Politics, but also to highlight people and their stories so that the general public can be made aware of some of the awesome and selfless Americans we have in our midst today. This show does not lean one way or another and is intended to have opinions and perspectives from all sides, both popular and maybe some unpopular, so that we as Americans can get the full story and not just the ones someone wants us to hear. Be sure to listen live every Thursday at 8PM EST

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The Hosts.

Troy “Stew”.

[email protected]

Troy is a father of a soldier, son of a soldier and a retired Infantry soldier himself. He spent twenty-two years in the Army with ten years in the Active Duty and twelve years in the National Guard. Troy has lived all over the world and loves to travel, just not always to combat zones.

After retirement, Troy worked for one of the Army Research and Development laboratories helping get life saving and life taking enabling technologies into the hands of our soldiers on the front lines.

Troy has been actively blogging for 12 years on a variety of websites, including his main blog at, the US Army Blog, and many others. He also has over 9 years hosting online radio shows promoting the stories and acts of patriotic Americans and others who love America.

He has four wonderful sons, a grandson (hard to believe huh?) and of course a beautiful and amazing wife. Troy loves his family, friends, hockey, football, hunting, quality small-batch bourbons and soldiers. He also spends a lot of time being actively involved with patriotic non-profits, promoting awareness of veteran issues and still counseling current and former soldiers.

Troy currently works in the Information Technology industry as a Senior Solutions Architect helping his clients with cyber-security needs.

Toby “The Nunn”.

[email protected]

Toby is a former US Army Infantry Senior Non Commissioned Officer. Toby was raised by a single father in northern British Columbia Canada then entered the United States as a teenager. To earn his place in America he chose to serve the country and during that time found himself participating in conflicts.

Toby thinks this biography already reads like an obituary so wanted to keep things up beat by letting the listeners know that he enjoys life by being a Father, Husband and friend in his community.

Toby is the managing member of Warrior Media Solutions, a partner in Graybeard Books and spends what free time he has serving with the Non Profits ; Veteran Outdoors, Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs and active in his community church.

Along with questionable hair standards he is a published Author, blogger and commentator on several subjects ranging from MMA to issues of Security. He’s an avid Hockey fan although his teams the Vancouver Canucks and the Texas Stars only support his need for Rye Whiskey instead of providing current championships.