Episode 115 Stew and the Nunn w/ James Reese of TigerSwan.

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Stew and the Nunn are excited to welcome Jim Reese of TigerSwan to the show. With all the excitement being driven by our timely article of SOFREP and their despicable publishing of the ISIS propaganda video with US Army Special Forces members being killed and their horrendous reporting on several issues two being hit pieces on TigerSwan we wanted to have Jim on the show to tell us more about who TigerSwan is as a company and about himself. Jim and the Nunn have worked on a project together in the past so it’s an honor to welcome him onto the show. Here is a little about Jim Reese.

Jim Reese, is the Founder and Chairman, of TigerSwan Holdings (TSH), a crisis management, global affairs and capacity building family businesses that thrive in Non and Semi Permissive and cultural diverse operating environments. Jim is a cross-functional leader with 36 years of remarkable achievements in leadership, problem solving and operational fusion. A born entrepreneur, his experience spans complex, multicultural, and fast-paced operating environments from startups to billion-dollar organizations. His leadership is revolutionary in areas of safety, security, technology and big data integration, stability, capacity building, due diligence geo-political relationships and cultural team building. He was described by author Dalton Fury, as a “…………

He has been described as a “Real Life” combination of Jason Bourne and Winston Churchill

In 2008, Jim formulated the founding principles and vision for the establishment of TigerSwan, a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small business which focused on global crisis management and capacity building to advise clients on procedural, behavioral and internal conditions for the creation of adaptive solutions within an asymmetric global threat environment. He started the company in a kitchen, sans outside capital, and today, TSH spans 5 continents providing peace of mind to organizations and individuals domestically and abroad. Today, TSH is a group that emphasizes services, technology integration and technology development, to provide PEACE OF MIND!

Reese has grown the companies with adaptive and innovative ideas with respect to protecting client’s personnel, materials, equipment, infrastructure and brand while empowering and inspiring his personnel to work in an intent-based organization that rewards entrepreneurship and creativity. Reese has grown the company organically and in 2013 expanded into the technology sector for enhanced situational awareness, operation/intelligence fusion and integration of big data.

Jim retired from the “Delta Force” in 2007, after 25 years as a disabled veteran and decorated combat leader and has been involved with most of the critical manhunts in the 20th century. He advised international leaders on 6 continents, and served in both Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan) and Operation Iraqi Freedom as well as contingency operations around the globe. The Commander of Coalition Forces of Iraq and Afghanistan called him one of the finest “special operators in the modern military!” Immediately following 9/11, Jim was selected by the U.S. Secretary of Defense and USSOCOM Commander to serve as the lead advisor for Special Operations to the Director of the CIA for operational planning and integration of CIA and Military elements during the invasion of Afghanistan and Operation Enduring Freedom. In 2003, he was personally requested by the Combined Forces Coalition Commander to be his primary advisor for Joint Special Operations. His leadership and energy were instrumental within the “Delta Force,” JSOC and the U.S. Government interagency community for implementing, guiding and leading a complex counter-terrorism strategy that revolutionized interagency operations and developed the modern-day doctrine of U.S. man-hunting.

After his retirement from the “Delta Force,” Jim became the Director of Security Operations for a multi-billion-dollar international Fortune 50 Company after a nationwide recruiting search. He was responsible for implementing and reorganizing the safety and security apparatus of the company as well as the organizations critical infrastructure, maritime, aviation, domestic and international personal-security operations.

In 2008-2009, Jim was the vendor program manager for the U.S. Department of State’s, Diplomatic Security, High Threat Security Services for Iraq and Afghanistan. He was sought out for his successful ability to lead and transform organizations through major financial, operational, and culture change. He transformed the $1 Billion-dollar program into a standard followed today.

Jim is a frequent speaker at industry events and organizations focusing on crisis/threat management, international crisis, change leadership and execution as a value proposition. Media outlets seek his global affairs and leadership experience: Fox News, CNBC, USA Today, NY Times and Jimmy served as a CNN Global Affairs Analyst for 18 months.

Jim received his BA in Communications from Mansfield University and a Fellowship degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Center for International Studies (CIS) in International security and foreign policy.