Who would you pick?.

By Posted in - Politics & Poll of the Week on December 16th, 2015

Here is the Stew and the Nunn Poll wanting to know who YOU would vote for today. Regardless of what party you belong to, we would like to know where our listeners and fans stand with regards to the candidates. Rather than closing this poll after one week, we are going to keep this one open so you can come back and visit at any time to change your mind. Plus keeping it open allows us to gather up more responses and get a good sense of who people want to be President for the next four years.

See, we are not going to call you at night with robocalls during dinner or text you annoying messages. All you have to do is make your choice right here when you are ready and without being pestered about it. So make your choice today and feel free to come back and change it if you want to at a later time.

If you were voting for President today (regardless of party), who would it be?

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