Episode #151 with Scott Kesterson.

By Posted in - Foreign Policy & Guests & Military History & Military Strategy & The Schedule & The Show on January 10th, 2019

Tonight (January 10th, 2019) on Episode #151, we welcome back to the show, Mr. Scott Kesterson. Scott is a long time friend of Stew and Nunn and has been on our shows a number of times. Tonight we will be talking to him about his latest project and newly released war documentary about fighting in Afghanistan in 2006 called “Bards of War, Fighting is Everything“. Scott is a former Army officer and in 2006-2007 he was an embedded journalist with Stew in Afghanistan on the same tour.

In July of 2006 he was asked to cover Operation Mountain Thrust. The operation was led by COL Ian Hope, commander of Canada’s Task Force Orion. The mission was to  attack Taliban sanctuaries in key areas of Kandahar and Helmand Provinces. These areas were a hotbed of insurgent activity, and the center point for their opium production, finance and terror operations.

Kesterson was attached to Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry, known as the “Patricia’s”. The events that unfolded were an awakening,  showing Canada and the world that the soldiers of this quiet neighbor up north understood the meaning of conviction, ruthlessness and righteousness.

His time with the Patricia’s is what is captured in this latest documentary. It gives a very unique view into the Canadian military, but more importantly their contributions and sacrifices in Afghanistan. There is not a lot of coverage of Canadian military operations anywhere, and what this documentary shows is that fighting a horrible enemy is from a Canadian point of view is not much different than hour Americans do it.

Scott has appeared on and been interviewed by a number of media outlets about his embed in Afghanistan, to include CBC, BBC, WKGW, The Huffington Post and Frontline to name a few. He has also been a guest blogger on the Huffington Post and the award-winning Bouhammer.com blog.

Since Nunn is Canadian by birth but has deployed twice in defense of the USA, and Stew was in the dirt with Scott, this interview will be unique and one of a kind with a different perspective then most he has done. Be sure to check out bardsofwarfilm.com to learn more about the project and buy your own copy of the documentary. As a special offering for Stew and The Nunn fans, Scott is offering a 10% coupon code off of the purchase of the film. You can use the code “Patriot10” through this weekend to get that 10% off. To see a little of what the documentary is about, check out the trailer from You Tube below.