Episode #242 with Omarr ‘Big Smoov’ Hardaway.

By Posted in - Domestic Policy & Guests & The Schedule & The Show & Veteran Issues on March 11th, 2021

Tonight on the show we welcome a friend of a friend to the show. Stew met Omarr (aka Big Smoov) last year at David Bellavia’s Medal of Honor ceremony as Omarr was in Dave’s platoon and served with him in both Kosovo and Iraq.

Omarr was born and raised in Chicago where he still lives today. He has spent 11 years on Active duty and also 5 years as a Senior trainer gunnery/tactics for the Saudi Arabian National Guard after he was in service. Omarr left the Army as not only a Staff Sergeant but also a Bradley Master Gunner and is the recipeint of the Bronze Star for his time in combat.

Omarr was famous in Iraq for never having to turn in leftover ammo at the end of a mission and always making sure he gave the enemy everything he America gave him to give. We will surely talk about some of those stories, his perspective on current events, and maybe some of his artistic endeavors.

If you have never heard Omarr on WBEN.com Thursday mornings from 11-1130 EST talking to Dave then you have missed out. Be sure to tune in tonight to catch up and get to know him.

Please plan to join us tonight 8:00PM EST on all of our outlets to listen live or come back anytime to watch/listen later.  Find us on PeriscopeTwitchFacebook LiveYou Tube or listen on Spreaker ,iTunes, Spotify and iHeartRadio

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