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Disgusted……that is the best way I can describe yesterday. Peaceful protesting is fine and in fact encouraged by the founding fathers that drafted the documents that created and shape the laws of this country. However, when it goes beyond peaceful and turns destructive and violent it is no longer protected. This was the case in 2020 when people took peaceful protest that were staged in the name of civil rights and bastardized them to cause anarchy and push agendas other than what the protests were for. That is also the case yesterday (Jan 6th, 2020) in Washington DC. 

The gathering of thousands of people in DC to show their disdain for the election and their support of the President is fine as long as its done lawful, but when a small group of people started breaking windows of Federal buildings and breached the perimeters then its game over. There is nothing, NOTHING that justifies a group of people storming a building and trying to disrupt the constitutional duties of Congress. Regardless of how much someone doesn’t like the duty that Congress had to execute it is constitutionally mandated. If you want to make your voice known, then stay outside and stay lawful and raise your voices to those in Congress doing their job can hear you. 

The people that stormed the “people’s house” yesterday were not Patriots, and definitely not Constitutional Patriots (which I identify myself as). You cannot carry American flags, Blue-Line American flags and other country founding icons like the Gadsden Flag and then storm the halls of Congress.  This also stands true for protests across the country in 2020 that vandalized buildings like the VA, Treasury, etc. or destroyed statues of our Country’s leaders and historically important figures. That violence was illegal and should have been fully prosecuted also. 

Yes, I am tying those events last year to what happened yesterday. Why, because the violent protests of 2020 set the precedent of violating pandemic shutdowns, destroying property with no repercussions, and assaulting and disturbing free citizens. Remember four years ago when the #resist was a “cool” thing? Remember when “Mad Max”ine Waters who is an elected representative of the people of California told people to get in the faces of Cabinet members? Remember when it was considered ok to protests Trump administration members houses, to include trespassing, etc? Remember when a mob broke onto a couple’s property and threatened them, but the mob wasn’t charged, but rather the couple who was trying to defend their property? 

Everything in life is controlled through a “carrot or a stick”, but last year the stick was removed. The only thing that keeps a civilized society from becoming an anarchy is the rule of law, which includes the enforcement of the law. Thanks to biased (mostly if not all liberal) Judges and prosecutors we no longer have a “stick” to hold people accountable. I am convinced this was a major contributor to what happened yesterday. The Republican party has always pitched itself as the party of “law and order”, but that claim was in doubt yesterday when we saw those who call themselves as republicans or conservatives break that law and get into it with our law enforcement, and in some cases fight them. I hope and pray that everyone who violated the halls of Congress yesterday, destroyed property, and broke laws are held accountable as per the law. The same hope and prayer I had last year in Seattle, Portland, Kansas City, New York City, Washington DC and every other city that saw unlawful actions last year. Not your politics, your skin color, your past jobs or anything else excuses you to break the law. 

Seeing that young lady shot yesterday was also very disturbing. However, the video I have seen shows it may have been a justified shoot. I originally thought she was accidently shot by a stray bullet or something, but as can be seen in the video, she climbed into a broken-out window and was about to breach a barricaded door. Just like the people who were shot in protests last year, if you break the law then be prepared to what may happen. I used the term “play stupid games, win stupid prizes” a lot last year when people tried to grab a cop’s gun or run them over or whatever. As cavalier as it sounds, that seems to apply here. It is sad, and even though she was an Air Force veteran who deployed in the defense of our Country, that does not excuse her of her actions. Military service never does and never should give anyone a pass, not Timothy McViegh, not Nidal Hassan, not ANYONE. Again, it was sad, just as sad for any of the other three people who were killed yesterday or any of the protesters or law enforcement who were hurt but there were tens of thousands who were not hurt that peacefully protested.  

This Country no longer looks like the shining light on the hill to the world, we look like any other shithole, third-world country that we ridicule, judge and in some case deploy our soldiers to. This is what has made all the events disgusting to me. We have spent over 200 years trying to build a country with rights, laws, and democracy, and even though we haven’t been perfect the United States of America has done it better than anyone else and in fact we serve as the template for many other countries. To be honest more than just yesterday, but the last year if not some of the actions of the last 4+ years, have dimmed that light and erased some of the gains this country has made. 

Please join us tonight as we talk to Dr. Mike Simpson on the Stew and the Nunn Show at 8PM EST about what happened yesterday and other topics. There are many more things to discuss than what I have written here so I will save the rest for tonight. 

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