Episode #219 of Stew and The Nunn.

By Posted in - Guests & Politics & Selfless Service & The Schedule & The Show & Veteran Issues on September 10th, 2020

Tonight we welcome back to the show, Mr. Al Longo from Destination Races (www.destinationraces.net) Al and Stew and long time friends and neighbors, and will be talking tonight about politics, culture, current events, but most importantly about the 8th annual Veterans Race in Buffalo, NY (www.destinationraces.net/veterans-race). Al, along with Stew first starting talking about this idea over 8 years ago while waiting with the kids at the bus stop. Eight years later and its still going strong.

Not only is Al a guest but tonight he is also filling in for The Nunn guest co-hosting.

We will talk about how he is able to get approval and is planning to pull off this race in this crazy COVID-19 year. The race is sponsored by GEICO ( as it has been many times in years’ past) and continues to honor all who served and currently serving in our military.  The goal is to raise $15,000 to support local veteran organizations support services. This year, they are proud to host the race with Veterans One-Stop Center and Buffalo Naval Park.  Proceeds will benefit these two groups to PRESERVE. PROTECT. HONOR all who served.

Please join us tonight at 8PM EST here on Stew and the Nunn to listen to another great show.

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