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By Posted in - Guests & Media Appearances & Patriotism & Politics on August 3rd, 2020

Did you catch Medal of Honor recipient on our show last week (July 30th, 2020)? If not, be sure to either watch it on one of our video outlets to listen on one of our audio outlets. If you listened to last week’s show, then you probably learned something about US or World history as he was educating all of us on a number of things. We have known Dave for over a dozen years and he surprised us with how much knowledge he had on the fly.

Another great thing we covered was his new show that starts this week. If you want to hear more of Dave, you can tune in to www.radio.com/wben/listen Monday-Friday from 9AM-Noon EST on WBEN’s radio.com feed. WBEN is a Western NY talk radio station that Dave use to co-host on, but he is back on there now hosting his own show, The David Bellavia show.

His inaugural show was today, Monday August 3rd but you can surely catch him every day in the morning until noon. The official description of the show matches what he told us last week on our Thursday night show…he will interview people that don’t agree with him. He wants to open up the dialogue with no emotion, no immaturity, and lots of civility.

So be sure to tune in and give him a listen whenever you can, as if it continues like today’s show we think you will be encouraged and refreshed by what you hear.

Dave and Stew in the WBEN Studio in 2018

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