Episode #213 with David Bellavia.

By Posted in - Guests & Patriotism & Politics & The Show & Veteran Issues on July 30th, 2020

Come join us tonight as our good friend, David Bellavia joins us again on the show. Dave has guest-hosted and been a guest more times than anyone so we are glad to have him back. It has been 13 months since the President hung the Medal of Honor around Dave’s neck and he has had a crazy last 13 months representing everything that Medal stands for.

Next week Dave starts a new part of his career and we are super-excited to talk to him about that and what all it entails. Plus there is a very good chance we will talk about politics, The Army and who knows what else.

Please plan to join us this Thursday starting at a special time of 5:30PM EST on all of our outlets to listen live or come back anytime to watch/listen later.  Find us on PeriscopeTwitchFacebook LiveYou Tube or listen on Spreaker ,iTunes, Spotify and now iHeartRadio

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