Episode #206 with Mindy Richardson.

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Tonight we are joined by political commentator, vocal conservative actress, and patriotic online show host Mindy Robinson. Mindy has a voice that every American can relate to, and she has been using it to help her community fight the advancement of socialism. Most know Mindy as a Hollywood actress and supporter of our Military; Mindy is much more and her passion and drive for Americas freedoms always shine. 
Unlike most Hollywood elite, Mindy is using her voice for the good of others. She is using her political science and American history degrees, to fight for our Constitution. She believes in our right to bear arms, protecting our borders with building a wall, and our right to free speech.

Mindy moved to Nevada seven years ago, escaping the insanity of California’s high taxes, unconstitutional gun laws, and voter fraud. Sadly, Mindy is seeing that the Democratic party is now trying to take a hold of Nevada’s tax-friendly, business friendly, and gun friendly state.  Mindy refuses to sit idly by and watch Nevada’s freedoms slowly be taken away and our beautiful red state become a state of socialism. 
Her involvement in social justice has already helped Nevada homeowners. When Attorney General Ford secretly tried to pass a bill allowing intruders and their family to sue homeowners, for defending themselves in their homes, Mindy Robinson jumped to action. She initiated an online campaign to bring attention to the corrupt power play that was being used and focused on community awareness to pull the bill. After a relentless and long fight, Mindys efforts paid off and the bill was pulled.

Mindy has a social media platform that fights for and defends our free speech and 2nd amendment rights. She is widely known for her support and charity efforts for our Military, and uses her voice and influence to fight for the rights of our Veterans. Mindy believes that every soldier should be taken care of after returning home from service. She is setting her sights on helping to make a difference in the high number of homeless veterans.
Mindy is a supporter of President Donald J. Trump and is eager to help him in his fight to Keep America Great and beat Susie Lee, the Democratic incumbent, that voted to impeach him.

You can follow Mindy on her socials and website at:

Instagram: @iheartmindy

Twitter: @iheartmindy

Facebook: Mindy Robinson 

Web: www.mindyrobinsonforcongress.com/

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