Stew and The Nunn, Eposide 167 w/ Chris Loverro and Jordan Martinez.

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On this episode The Nunn talks with one of his best friends Christopher Loverro and Jordan Martinez. Jordan Martinez is a former Army Paratrooper that served in Afghanistan and is now attending the University of Southern California. Jordan is working on his Masters and is making the film “The Gatekeeper” as his thesis project.

Christopher Loverro saved The Nunn’s life. Without him he would not be here today doing what he s doing. Christopher attended several schools throughout his education including a stint in South Korea. Christoper has degrees from several one being from the University of California (Berkeley) aka Cal in Conflict and Peace Studies. He is a medically retired Law Enforcement Officer that was injured on duty. He served in the US Army as a Civil Affairs leader and was part of the famed Task Force Tomahawks in Mosul in Iraq.

Chris is playing the role of 1SG Tuason along with up and coming veteran star Jennifer Marshall. This USC Master Thesis film has Hollywood level authentic action sequences but is driven by a story fueled in emotions and heart. It’s designed to address issues within the veteran community from a triumphant perspective and not from a position of weakness. The Gatekeeper is a military thriller that delves into the reality and consequences of serving, living to a higher calling, brotherhood, loss and how choices affect others.

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