Stew and the Nunn Episode #157.

By Posted in - Uncategorized on March 7th, 2019

On this episode, The Nunn is joined by Dr. Mike Simpson. Dr. Simpson is a previous guest of the show and has an amazing service record to the United States of America. With 30 years of service in the United States Army, he started his career in the 75th Ranger Regiment then became a Special Forces demolitions expert before becoming a Special Forces Medic. This led Dr. Mike Simpson to become a Doctor of Medicine specializing in trauma to which he served at the highest level of the special operations community and was one of the very few Doctors on the tip of the spear within the Joint Special Operations Command. Since “retiring” Dr. Simpson has found himself chasing Nazi’s on History Channels hit TV Show “Hunting Hitler”, continuing to serve his community as an ER Trauma Doctor and traveling the globe with his wife, Dr. Denise Simpson.

The Nunn and “Doc Simpson” will be discussing subjects ranging from Senator Rand Paul’s new bill which declares an end to the War in Afghanistan and pays all veterans that deployed as part of the Global War on Terror a $2500.00 “Victory Bonus” to VA challenges that can be met or served and some other interesting current event happenings.

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