Stew and the Nunn Show, Episode 131 with Khalid Saaty.

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On this episode Stew and the Nunn reconnect with the Nunn’s best interpreter from Iraq. Khalid Saaty was a young man in Mosul that stood up to those who didn’t want peace and were killing the innocent people of his home town. He did this by working as an interpreter for the United States Army. One of his very first assignments was to work for Toby Nunn aka The Nunn when standing up and creating what is now the Northern Iraqi Army and more recently the force the led the charge on defeating ISIS.

Khalid faced not only direct personal danger by working with The Nunn his family also faced grave danger. He did not cower behind a mask but stood proudly and translated the teaching and leadership of the American ICDC/ING cadre becoming one of the most crucial and recognizable members of the team. Khalid faced the enemy not only with his words but with his actions and as a result he was welcomed as a brother in arms and was respected as a war fighter not just as an interpreter.

Since these hard times Khalid has legally immigrated to the United States where he recently was sworn in as a Naturalized Citizen so he could celebrate the 4th of July as a true AMERICAN! He is a very successful small business owner, father and what many in America should aspire to be. Please join Stew and the Nunn in welcoming him home and to the show!

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