Join us tonight for episode 129.

By Posted in - Domestic Policy & Politics & The Schedule on June 19th, 2018

Ms. Wendy joins Stew tonight for episode 129 of Stew and The Nunn. Last week we announced that this week’s show would be re-scheduled or postponed as both of the hosts were supposed to be out of the country but Stew was able to stay in the USA this week so the show must go on…..

Ms. Wendy is a long-term fan and friend of the show so she will be filling Nunn’s seat tonight as we talk about a never-ending list of current and hot events. Without a doubt the DOJ OIG report, CIA leakers, Immigration crisis, and many other topics will be on the docket. In fact Wendy is no shortage of opinion and when she brings her opinion, it comes from knowledge and experience and research on her own part. One aspect of the immigration crises at the border she has keyed in on is the differences between how illegal aliens are treated vs. our interpreters in combat zones.

Until we fulfill our “moral obligation” to all the Iraqi and Afghani interpreters who have risked their lives aiding America, I don’t give a shit about any of the other people wanting to come here. I guess the left feels we only have a “moral obligation” to one type of brown people, who are fleeing the exact same conditions, war, terror, death, and due only to the proximity to our nation and the ease of crossing the border, and the massive numbers of the same type of brown people already here, it’s really important and our “moral obligation” is to help them.

So we will unpack this perspective plus I hope we shed light on the fact that these laws have been around since 2002.

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