Episode 120 Stew and the Nunn w/ Sarah Lee of A Vicious Cycle.

By Posted in - Selfless Service & The Schedule & The Show & Veteran Issues on April 17th, 2018

Join us in welcoming back one of our favorite guests and people Sarah Lee. Sarah is about to re embark on her cross country bike ride (www.aviciouscycle.org) after a brief hiatus to recover from being struck by a vehicle while on the journey. Sarah is a US Army combat veteran that served in Iraq. She is also an amazing graphic designer and photographer. Her passion to help her brothers and sisters is unparalleled. As she crossed the country and as she continues to finish this endeavor she has met up with many veterans to share in the experience and learn more about their experiences.

There is more to her story than meets the eye though. Her cross country adventure is not culminating with completion but instead the completion of this trip is the starting point for something greater. Sarah will share with Stew and the Nunn what the future will hold as well as how the remainder of the trip should go.  She will be restarting in Colorado as that is where she was run off the road in the Westcliff area.

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