Episode 112 Stew and the Nunn w/ William Negley.

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On this Episode #112 Stew and the Nunn speak with William Negley. William Negley is a former CIA Terrorist Targeting Specialist that work on the ground in several austere locations. Most notably in Afghanistan. Since returning he has made the decision to run for Congress for the seat being vacated by Lamar Smith. Endorsed by folks the like of Red McCombs and William plans on bringing his understanding and passions for his community to Washington.

William has followed in his family’s history of military service in World War I, World War II, and Vietnam, William joined the Central Intelligence Agency as an undercover intelligence officer. During his seven years of service to our nation, William helped develop counter terrorism operations in South Asia and was stationed in Afghanistan to assist in the location and capture of high-value targets.

While he was serving in Afghanistan, William founded the nonprofit veteran service organization Sound Off, to connect veterans with counselors and peers who could assist with PTSD and the transition to civilian life after military service. Over the last five years, he has worked tirelessly to bring about much needed change in the way our country supports veterans’ and service members’ mental health.

A lifelong Republican, William has worked, volunteered, or supported numerous Republican campaigns. He believes in greatly limiting the power of the federal government to interfere with our lives, businesses, and communities. He understands all-too-well the threats directed against our nation from oppressive dictators, hostile regimes, and radical Islamic terrorists Hell bent on destroying America and all that we stand for. In Congress, he will be a tireless voice for stronger national security that includes: more armed forces personnel, better weaponry, enhanced intelligence services, secure borders, greatly improved cyber protection, missile defense, and, of course, a significant upgrade of our services for veterans.

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