Episode 103 with SFC (ret) John McDonald.

By Posted in - The Schedule & Veteran Issues on December 12th, 2017

Tonight on Stew and the Nunn we will be talking about Pot and PTSD. Specifically we will be talking about the debate over whether or not marijuana has a medical purpose for those in and out of the military suffering from military related injuries and illnesses or is that just an excuse to get high. We will be talking with a retired Senior NCO is now a proponent of the use of marijuana and is even working in the industry now.

John is a retired Army Sergeant First Class, having served 22 years active service with 2 years as a Drill Sergeant, culminating as “acting 1sg” and Noncommissioned Officer In Charge of Shell Army Airfield Fort Rucker Alabama. John served as an Infantryman early in his career with Stew and then went on to serve in the Aviation branch for the rest of career. He went from being a Drill Sergeant who brought the smoke on young recruits to being in the smoke now, so we will be talking with him about that transition and how marijuana has helped him personally.

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