Episode 94, from guest to guest-host.

By Posted in - 2nd Amendment & Domestic Policy & The Schedule & The Show on October 3rd, 2017

Toby is off tonight so Troy is welcoming last week’s guest, Ms. Sarah Lee as his guest-host tonight. Sarah is home recuperating from the terrible bike-truck injury she had while going across country so she is able to help Troy run the show.

For the last several days we have been working on what topic we would talk about tonight or what guest was the right one to have on. Little did we know that on Monday morning everything would change and that our topic will be chosen for us. So needless to say, we will be talking about the mass-shooting in Las Vegas and will welcome onto the show an old friend, patriot, veteran and Las Vegas resident Ms. Angie Porambo to provide us and our listeners some local Las Vegas perspective on what this has meant and done to the community. We see the ripple effect it is having across our country thanks to the 24-hour news cycle, but LV is ground-zero so hearing from someone there is instrumental.

So please join us tonight at 8PM EST on one of our five outlets: Facebook Live, Twitch.TV, Persiscope, You Tube o Spreaker. All of the links to these links are available here on our website at www.stewandthenunn.com

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