Stew and the Nunn 14 March 2017 w/ Colton Smith.

By Posted in - Foreign Policy & Guests & Humor & Military Strategy & Politics on March 14th, 2017

On this Episode Stew and the Nunn will be speaking with SFC Colton Smith. Colton Smith is the winner of the television show The Ultimate Fighter (Season 16) and did so while on Active Duty. SFC Colton Smith is a Ranger and Sapper Qualified Infantryman that still serves on Active Duty and is recently returned from a combat deployment to Afghanistan where he served as a Infantry Line Platoon Sergeant. So far during his career he has served as an Infantryman, a Congressional liaison and personal security assistant for members of Congress, the NCOIC of the Fort Hood and III Corps Combatives School. He’s just getting started as a true American Warfighter but what an impressive start. He is also a dedicated husband and Father.

In his non existent down time he has also started and co-founded Enlisted Nine Fight Company along with CSM Dan O’Brien. The highly successful brand is currently partnered with Grunt Style clothing and features cool military and mma themed clothing. You can shop here for the badassary!

To add to his legend he is also one of Tim Kennedy’s instructors with Sheepdog Response.

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