Stew and The Nunn, Episode 188 with JP Cervantes.

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Stew and the Nunn Episode 188 with JP Cervantes. On this episode Stew and The Nunn talk with JP Cervantes.

Decorated Green Beret who Retired as a Chief Warrant Officer 3 (CW3) from a Special Forces Operational Detachment Alpha (SFODA). He served 17 years in the U.S. Military; of that time three years were spent serving as an infantryman. Then he attended the United States Army Special Forces Qualification Course becoming a fully qualified Special Forces Weapons Expert. He served as a weapons sergeant and Intelligence Sergeant for a Special Forces Operational Detachment Alpha (SFODA) specializing in Direct Action for four years before becoming a Special Forces Warrant Officer. He continued his service as the Executive Officer of an assault and hostage rescue team in the U.S. Southern Command’s Commander in Chief’s Inextremist Force (CCIF). His capabilities expanded, as he became the Detachment Commander of a specialized selected team that performed security surveys and assessments of diplomatic facilities abroad for the United States in the Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) Integrated Survey Program (ISP). He also commanded and assisted in the creation of the SOUTHCOM Advanced Force Operations (AFO) team. As part of the United States Army Special Warfare Center and School he assisted in developing, writing, and publishing numerous Special Forces Manual and Training Circulars.

JP Cervantes

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