Episode 122 with special guest Clayton Murwin.

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Tonight we get to spend the show taking with an old friend of the show and of Toby and Troy. In fact he may be the very first fan of the show since he worked with us before we launched as Clayton created all of our graphics. Clayton is a renowned graphic artist and creator of a number of graphic novels. He is also a big patriot and supporter of the troops having used his talents and a lot of time for the sole purpose of honoring and supporting the war-fighters of this country.

Now Clayton is in a new fight, for the love of his life. Due to legal complexities, regulations, ignorance and who knows what else Clayton and his wonderful wife of 18 years, Collette have been forced to separate and live in two different countries. At a time when immigrants, criminals and pretty much anyone that wants to can just pour across our borders and live here unfettered, Collette is not allowed back into the US and Clayton has been forced to leave England. Clayton has started a GoFundMe page at www.gofundme.com/reunite-18-years-married-couple to help with enormous costs for what it takes to enter this country (or come back to in Collette’s case).

A snippet of their story and why they are in this predicament…

My wife Collette and I have been married for 18 wonderful years this year, we were married in the United kingdom in 2000,  I received permanent residence status and lived in the UK with her until 2003 when I found out my mother had contracted COPD and we left the UK and I immigrated her to the USA.

She lived in the USA with me for 13 years but she missed her children and grandchildren  who were still living in the UK except for the eldest who lives in Va. She went to England for the second eldest sons wedding in March 2016 I followed in April 2016 at which point she said she wanted to remain in the UK with the children and grandchildren. So I applied for my leave remain in the UK. leaving everything behind in the USA.

We had set up home in the UK.  and after almost two years of living in the UK thinking everything would be fine I was informed that my application to remain in the UK had been denied and was told I had to leave the UK. the reason the Home office gave was that my wife could return to the USA where we had lived for the last 13 years and continue our relationship with family as we had done for the last 13 years.

However, because it took the Home office in the UK nearly 2 years too make that decision  which should have only taken 6 to 8 months my wife had now been out of the USA longer than a year which voided her permanent residence status in the USA, as it is deemed that she had abandoned her permanent residence status. Even though the card itself does not expire until 2023.

Thus preventing her to return to the USA with me, I returned to the USA voluntarily to avoid being deported and prevent me from ever returning to the UK. We went through all of our savings fighting for me to remain in the UK….


There is a lot more on the GoFundMe page and of course we will probably get into a lot more detail tonight on the show. So please join us at 8PM Easter on any of our outlets listed below to watch/listen to Clayton’s story for yourself.

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