Episode 111, Remembering ‘Concrete’ Bob Miller.

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Tonight on the show we will be welcoming Milblogger Grand Poobah and Retired Army Major Matt Burden to the show to help us celebrate one of the greatest unsung heroes of the military support community, Mr. Bob Miller. Bob who was known as ‘Concrete’ Bob was a true force behind the scenes and rarely in the limelight when it came to supporting our vets. We lost Bob on November 28th after a brutal fight with Cancer.

Bob was known for his undeniable patriotism and support of our military. Bob was a Marine Veteran himself, so its not like he had not already given a lot for this country. Bob was well known in many tight circles for his awesome, kickass BBQ sauce.

Bob in the Kitchen


As a patriot and a lover all things America, Bob would feed vets with his awesome culinary skills, and he would feed the homeless. The guy had a heart of gold and was truly selfless in all that he did. Toby and Troy both had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with Bob over the last 10 years but honestly it wasn’t enough. His kindness, love, and open spirit was infectious to all around him.

‘Uncle Jimbo’ Jim Hanson and ‘Concrete’ Bob Miller enjoying cigars at Blogging Conference


So tonight we will take some time to honor Concrete Bob in the best way we know how, to spread the word about him and hopefully educate others on what a great person and American he was. For those of us that knew him, we are truly blessed and it is a shame everyone in this country didn’t know of Bob, but he was not one for the limelight. So tonight we will do our best to put the spotlight on him and remember all the great things he has done.

Matt Burden who is the owner of the most popular military blog ever, Blackfive will join us to talk about Bob in addition to stories we have from others that knew Bob and had the joy of ever being in his company. Matt also wrote up a great post in memorial of Bob so please head over to www.blackfive.net/main/2017/12/robert-concrete-bob-miller-someone-you-shouldve-known.html to check it out.

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