Episode 105, looking ahead to 2018.

By Posted in - Politics & The Schedule & The Show on January 2nd, 2018

On tonight’s first episode of 2018, we will be looking forward to 2018 and what we think will be all the key events and news items that are facing us this year. Can you believe this is an election year already? Yes it is the year of the mid-terms which of course means that for the next 11 months, all the talking heads are going to talk about how this will be the year for America to rebuke the President.

Speaking of the President, we are coming out of phenomenal economy year of 2017 so now it is time to look forward to what happens with ObamaCase, potential government funding shutdown, DACA, North Korea, Iran, Russia investigations and of course the on-going hate and war towards the President from Hollywood, the media, etc. etc. Essentially everyone except for over half the country of hard-working people.

We also have the Winter Olympics about to start in a month, tax-law changes going into effect and who knows what direction policy may take in regards to Iraq and Afghanistan. You can also throw in a small shifting in the Senate, GOP retirements and other departures and if all of this will make it even harder for the President to get anything done in the beltway.


So please join us tonight as Stew and the Nunn talk through these things and many more. We will be welcoming your topics, comments, and ideas of which we will answer if time allows. You can either comment on Facebook Live or send us an email at radio@warriormediasolutions.com


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