Episode 25 April 2017 “A Vicious Cycle” with Sarah Lee.

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On this episode, Stew and the Nunn are joined by Sarah Lee. Sarah is a  former Army Sergeant and OIF II Combat Veteran. In early May 2017, She is beginning a massive 4,300 mile bicycle journey across America – from Yorktown, VA to San Francisco, CA.  Her goal is to honor the fallen, represent fellow Veterans and give voice to some of the struggles, as well as bring awareness to the approximately 22 Veterans we as a nation lose every day to suicide.

Sarah a native of Ohio served from 2001 – 2009. She enlisted at the ripe young age of 17 and like many of her peers saw benchmarks in her life happen in combat like her 21st Birthday. Serving as an Engineer with the 216 Engineer Battalion in Tikrit, Iraq and working her way up the ranks to Sergeant before she separated in 2009.

With a Bachelor of Science in Technology in Visual Communications
(includes photography, videography, grapic design) she has started her own Photography studio/business and is an extremely talented Vetreprenuer!

Her trip by the bullet points:

Approximate leave date: Saturday, May 6th, 2017
From Yorktown, VA to San Francisco, CA with a Grand Canyon Bypass
4,300+ miles, crossing through 10 states and 4 time zones
30-80 Miles/Day – it will GREATLY vary, based on elevations, weather, winds
Bicycle: Kona Sutra with Brooks B17 Leather Saddle
Main Gear: Ortlieb Waterproof Panniers & Handlebar Bag, 1 Person Tent

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