April 4th on Stew and the Nunn; Military to Law Enforcement.

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Tonight on Stew and The Nunn we welcome Policeman Mike to the show. Mike is a 17-year police officer still serving his community. He is also a retired Infantry Senior NCO who has served his country and those less-fortune in other countries. We are welcoming Mike to the show to talk through a variety of topics like the controversy over the militarization of law enforcement, community policing, similarities and differences between serving as an officer in law enforcement and a soldier on the battlefield. We will also be talking about a recent story in the USA Today newspaper, http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/2017/03/30/when-veterans-become-cops-some-bring-war-home/99349228/

I can guarantee you that it will be a lively and interesting show tonight that will fly by as we have more to talk about than we have time. Please be sure to join us on our Facebook live broadcast at www.facebook.com/stewandthenunn or listen to us on our Spreaker page at www.spreaker.com/user/stewandthenunn starting at 8PM EST tonight and every Tuesday.


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