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By Posted in - Guests & Military History & Selfless Service on December 7th, 2016

As today is the 75th anniversary of the horrible attacks on Pearl Harbor and our Nation, I wanted to let all of our fans and listeners know you now have a chance to grab a piece of history from a first-person perspective of that day. Our good friend and past guest (and soon to return to our show) Mr. Lauren Bruner has written a book about the attacks on Dec 7th and his life. Mr. Bruner is the oldest of 5 surviving members from the USS Arizona. He has recorded a audio walking tour (on his own accord) for the USS Arizona memorial site, and has been an advocate in keeping the memory of his brothers alive.


You can check out more about his book, but better yet order a copy as only the first 1000 copies will be hand-signed by Mr. Bruner himself at .You can order it at the bottom of the page, but first take some time and read the whole page to learn more about him and his incredible story.

This is not something you want to pass up, as there will never be another like it. If  you want to learn a little more about Mr. Bruner be sure to check out this story that came out in the LA Times today.

Also please stay tuned to our website at and our Facebook page at to get the latest scheduling details on when we will have Mr. Bruner back on the show. It will be one you DO NOT want to miss.

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