Episode 53 w/ Chris Loverro Founder of Warriors for Peace Theatre.

By Posted in - Guests & The Show on September 13th, 2016

Christopher Loverro is an Iraqi War Veteran that has served in a couple of different capacities. A graduate of University of California Berkeley, former Police Officer and SWAT Team Member with the Berkeley Police Department. Chris served in OIF 1 &2 as a Civil Affairs Officer assigned and attached to the 1-23 Infantry Regiment of the 3/2 Stryker Brigade Combat Team. He created an awesome initiative called Operation Pencil Blanket to get children in the war torn land basic needs and school supplies.

Upon his return to the US he continued to support his Brothers in Arms by creating films that addressed issues such as Post Traumatic Stress. He was injured in the line of Duty and medically retired from the Police force and no resides in Los Angeles. Following his dream of becoming an actor he has studied the art from the best and landed some really cool roles. He dedicates his down time to the Warriors for Peace Theatre Company which he founded as a result of his experiences in using acting as a safe dialogue to bridge the gaps between civilians and veterans. loverro

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