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We here at Stew and The Nunn are honored and flattered to have the oldest living and one of the six remaining survivors from the USS Arizona crew, as a guest on our show; Mr. Lauren Bruner. He is 95 years young and is in good health. He lives in La Marida Calif. where he has lived in the same home for 50 years. He lives alone and takes care of himself.

Along with Lauren Bruner, will be Ed McGrath and Mark Comon.

Out of the 1512 crew-members of USS Arizona less than 100 of the 325 survivors were aboard ship the morning of the attack on Pearl Harbor. According to military historians Lauren was the Second to the Last to Leave USS Arizona, which is also the title of his upcoming Historical Novel, which will be released this summer.

Lauren and Ed have co-founded the Lauren F. Bruner USS Arizona Memorial Foundation, which is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation that was established in 2015. Mark Comon who will also call in on Tuesday is one of the foundations Board Members and as well Lauren’s friend and Chief Photographer.

The Mission Statements of Lauren’s Foundation is to honor the crew of USS Arizona for all time and for all future generations; To aid the National Park Service in specific projects that need attention that only pertain to the USS Arizona Memorial; and to aid Military families both in and out of Hawaii who may need a helping hand.


Lauren Bruner’s Dream Gift to America is close to his heart as it involves the researching of each and every Arizona Crew-members personal histories written into a biography and then married to a portrait of each of the 1512 crew members which when completed will be offered to the National Park Service at Pearl Harbor. This will allow an opportunity to share with those that visit Pearl Harbor what each crew member actually looked like on 12.7.41 in the uniform of the day.

Lauren’s foundation has also commissioned a song and hula to the crew of USS Arizona, which will be danced for the first time at this year’s 75th anniversary celebration of remembrance. Lauren hopes that five of the remaining six survivors will be in good health to go.

Lauren and Ed have just completed Lauren’s personal tour in his own words of his narrated tour of his ship and the USS Arizona Memorial. It is a walk back in time when you visit Pearl Harbor and can be accessed as a smart phone App through Roberts Hawaii Tours, which is Hawaii’s largest tour company.

A gift for every tour that is taken will be donated to Lauren’s foundation. If you are visiting Hawaii and Pearl Harbor Lauren’s narrated tour of his ship is a must.

It is very much like walking back in time with a favorite Uncle who has actually played a large part in American History. The App will be available to rent while you are in Hawaii or to purchase and listen to over and over again after you leave.

Be sure to tune in 8PM EST Tuesday May 24th at tobtr.com/8713603


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