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There is no reason, justification or excuse for such a statement…

Gillibrand wants the debate over gun control to be refashioned into a “women’s issue,” instead of a complicated dispute related to hunting or the Second Amendment…..She suggests Sanders’ maleness prevents him from relating to mothers who have lost loved ones to gun crime. She also states that he “doesn’t have the sensitivity he needs to the horror that is happening in these families,” adding, “I just don’t think he’s fully getting how horrible it is for these families.”

What a Feminazi piece of oxygen thief crap she is. Who is she to think only mothers can care about or relate to losing a loved one. Does she think Fred Goldman or Jim Steinle didn’t care or weren’t affected by the loss of their children? Or the hundreds of thousands of other fathers who have lost children or family to unnecessary violence?

I am not a fan of Bernie at all, and really didn’t care about Gellibrand either even though she represents the state I live in, but this is inexcusable. What she said not only shows her complete ignorance and feminist, man-hating persona but also should motivate the constituents of New York to vote her out of office at the very next opportunity, in 2018.

I see the world in the lens of women’s issues. I’m making everything a woman’s issue. I want guns to be a woman’s issue.

Guns should be just as much a woman’s issue as a man’s; just ask Carol Bowne.

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