Episode 1 Recap, and evening with Dave Bray.

By Posted in - Guests & The Show on August 14th, 2015

Episode one is in the history book and we think it was a great one. Dave Bray from the Patriotic Rock Band, Madison Rising was the one and only guest. In addition to Dave as a guest Stew and The Nunn had a special in-studio special co-host, Shard from Gear4grunts.com.

Besides talking with Dave about the band, upcoming music, the popularity of past music and touring details he also spent quite a bit of time talking with us about national policy, politics and Veteran issues.

Be sure to check out www.blogtalkradio.com/stewandthenunn/2015/08/12/stew-and-the-nunn-episode-1-dave-bray to listen to the archive of Episode 1.

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